Our co-op student program gives hands on education and mentoring to new, young workers

At PRHP we are proud that we can offer hands on education and mentoring to new workers through our student co-op program. Our student co-op program is slightly different than most programs, as we offer an eight-month program to students instead of a four-month program. This allows our co-op students to become involved with their department and familiar with the processes and areas that they will be working in when they graduate from university. The students are given hands-on work experience that they can take with them throughout their career.

From September 2017 to April 2018, our tunneling co-op student team was comprised of Sara Zhang, Aaditya (Aadi) Sigdel and Fanny Torres. They did outstanding work while they were here and below are their comments about the program.

Sara Zhang:

“It’s been so much fun working alongside some of the best professionals in a unique and outstanding project like this. My co-workers are the best mentors and friends. These past 8 months couldn’t be more meaningful and memorable. I hope I will get to join this family again after graduation.”

Aaditya Sigdel:

“Looking back at the past eight months, it’s been amazing working alongside management, the construction crews, and my fellow field engineers. Through the help of experts in multiple industries, I’ve developed countless technical and non-technical skills that will further enhance and open doors to many more career opportunities. Thank you everyone for making my first internship a memorable one.”

Fanny Torres:

“As a MEng in Mining student, this tunnel project has been a helpful for me to understand the underground work in the field. Coordinating and participating in every activity of the tunnel cycle has helped me to improve my technical and social skills, and I think that is the greatest benefit.”