Peace River Hydro Partners

PRHP is a partnership between ACCIONA Infrastructure Canada Inc. and Samsung C&T Canada Ltd. The main civil work contract includes the construction of an earth-fill dam, two diversion tunnels, and a roller-compacted–concrete foundation for the generating station and spillways.

ACCIONA Infrastructure Canada Inc.

ACCIONA Infrastructure Canada Inc. is a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary of Acciona S.A., which stands as a leader in the fields of infrastructure development, renewable energy (including hydroelectric dams), water, and services. Acciona Infrastructure Canada has been operating in Canada since 2001 and headquartered in Vancouver since 2006 and has offices in Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

Samsung C&T Canada is a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary of Korea-based Samsung C&T Corporation.

Samsung is experienced in engineering, construction, trading, and investing, including the construction of hydroelectric dams, roads, buildings, tunnels, bridges, and airports.

Project Management Team

Daniel Cuartero
Project Director

Daniel brings over 19 years of project experience managing a variety of civil infrastructure projects for Acciona Construcción in Spain and Brazil. He has extensive project management experience working on several dam projects and has successfully implemented new business plans and competitiveness improvement plans. Daniel’s focus is on safety, teamwork, and positive project leadership for all site staff.

Kyu Doe
Deputy Project Director