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Tunneling update – Road header commissioning and trial

Two Sandvik MT 520 road headers, each weighing around 115 tonnes, will be our prime construction equipment for the two diversion tunnels, which will play a crucial part in diverting the river to construct the dam. To ensure a smooth kick off for tunnel operations, which will commence in mid-August, the road headers were commissioned […]

Major milestones achieved, and new production records set at site

On July 8, 2018 members of the RCC team set a new production record at site, placing more than 7,000m3 of roller-compacted concrete (RCC) in a 24-hour period. On July 8, 7,093m3 of RCC was placed in one day, including 1,500m3 using the RCC swinger. Our previous record of 6,227m3 of RCC placed in a […]

Our co-op student program gives hands on education and mentoring to new, young workers

At PRHP we are proud that we can offer hands on education and mentoring to new workers through our student co-op program. Our student co-op program is slightly different than most programs, as we offer an eight-month program to students instead of a four-month program. This allows our co-op students to become involved with their […]

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