Moberly River Construction Bridge Complete

In December 2016, PRHP’s contractor, Formula Contractors from Prince George, completed work on the Moberly River construction bridge. This bridge will be used to transport materials across the Moberly River safely and efficiently.

PRHP Co-op Program

PRHP launched the co-op education program and welcomed 18 students from universities across the country to our team. These students come from Mechanical, Civil, and Environmental Engineering backgrounds as well as Engineering Physics.

Chetwynd Shuttle Service

Peace River Hydro Partners is currently assessing the need for a shuttle service to bring PRHP employees working a 14/7 shift back-and-forth from Chetwynd.

If Chetwynd employees are interested in utilizing a shuttle service please email by January 31, 2017 with the subject line “Chetwynd Shuttle Service”