Major milestones achieved, and new production records set at site

On July 8, 2018 members of the RCC team set a new production record at site, placing more than 7,000m3 of roller-compacted concrete (RCC) in a 24-hour period. On July 8, 7,093m3 of RCC was placed in one day, including 1,500m3 using the RCC swinger. Our previous record of 6,227m3 of RCC placed in a single day was set on September 27, 2017.

This is a huge accomplishment for the RCC team – which includes the Crusher, Batching, and Placement teams – and the other departments that made this possible.

In addition to the above milestone, on Thursday, July 12, we reached another major milestone of completing the sliver fill at the Outlet Portal.

These major accomplishments demonstrate our team work to meet our targeted deadlines, and dedication to achieving them safely without any incidents.

Our co-op student program gives hands on education and mentoring to new, young workers

At PRHP we are proud that we can offer hands on education and mentoring to new workers through our student co-op program. Our student co-op program is slightly different than most programs, as we offer an eight-month program to students instead of a four-month program. This allows our co-op students to become involved with their department and familiar with the processes and areas that they will be working in when they graduate from university. The students are given hands-on work experience that they can take with them throughout their career.

From September 2017 to April 2018, our tunneling co-op student team was comprised of Sara Zhang, Aaditya (Aadi) Sigdel and Fanny Torres. They did outstanding work while they were here and below are their comments about the program.

Sara Zhang:

“It’s been so much fun working alongside some of the best professionals in a unique and outstanding project like this. My co-workers are the best mentors and friends. These past 8 months couldn’t be more meaningful and memorable. I hope I will get to join this family again after graduation.”

Aaditya Sigdel:

“Looking back at the past eight months, it’s been amazing working alongside management, the construction crews, and my fellow field engineers. Through the help of experts in multiple industries, I’ve developed countless technical and non-technical skills that will further enhance and open doors to many more career opportunities. Thank you everyone for making my first internship a memorable one.”

Fanny Torres:

“As a MEng in Mining student, this tunnel project has been a helpful for me to understand the underground work in the field. Coordinating and participating in every activity of the tunnel cycle has helped me to improve my technical and social skills, and I think that is the greatest benefit.”

The importance of giving back to the community

We value the importance of giving back to Fort St. John and the surrounding communities. We are doing this by supporting programs that encourage education, healthy families, children and youth, and sports.

PRHP has donated a 12-foot shipping container (called a seacan) to the Charlie Lake Kidz Sports not-for-profit organization. This will be used to store sporting equipment. Kidz Sports is completely volunteer run and provides a summer kids program, for both soccer and baseball, ages K-G6, at a very low cost for families. They also offer sporting equipment to families who can not afford to purchase it themselves.

We are also proud to have donated $5,000 to sponsor the entire volunteer and attendee dinner on Saturday, May 25, at the 60th Annual Hoselay Competition. This year the competition, ran from May 25 – 27, and was hosted by the Taylor Fire Department. Firefighters from Taylor and the surrounding communities competed in various activities to raise funds to benefit the hosting communities and their fire departments.

In addition, we donated three computers to the River of the Peace Metis Society office in the District of Hudson’s Hope. Below is a testimonial from their organization.

On June 19th, Peace River Hydro Partner employees, Megan Adams and Lucas Panoulias, delivered three new computers to our president, Valerie Paice, for the River of the Peace Metis Society office located at Pearkes Centre. This generous donation will allow us to assist our members and the public in searching for employment and career opportunities, renewal of tickets for job requirements and education and grant research.  This will be a wonderful help for our members and community. Thank you again to PRHP.

If you are a not-for-profit organization in the Fort St. John and Peace River Regional District, and are looking for donations and sponsorship, please fill out an application: