PRHP Delivers Keynote Speech at the Youth Changing Tomorrow Conference at Northern Lights College

PRHP delivered the inspirational keynote at the Youth Changing Tomorrow Conference on February 27, 2020 to a crowd of more than 100 local students.  Represented by Luara Echevarria Agra, Natasha Smilovic, Alison MacMaster, Rob Strachan, and Jamie Bodnarchuk, PRHP spoke about leadership, vision, and focus.

The conference put on by the City of FSJ and the Youth Advisory Council, kicked off with a spirited dance performance by Indigenous dancers from the local Peace Region and was followed by an emotional speech by FSJ Mayor, Lori Ackerman.

PRHP took the stage just after 10 a.m. to deliver the hour-long keynote.




In keeping with tradition, PRHP borrowed an important segment from their onsite toolbox talks and started off the presentation by leading students through a Stretch&Flex.






The panel concluded their discussion by talking about leadership, success, and what they have learned along the way.


Alison defined leadership as embracing responsibilities, providing support, and helping the team succeed.


Natasha thoughtfully pointed out that leadership is not about rank, and that there are leaders in every role at every level regardless of whether the word leader or manager is in their job title.


Rob positioned leadership as a balance of credibility.  He asked students to think of credibility like a bank account, with each action either increasing or decreasing your balance.


Jamie added that leadership is about trust, and that it’s hard to lead when no one follows.

She explained how competent leadership inspires loyalty from your team, and used a driving analogy:  Your teammates are your passengers – leadership is about your passengers being confident in your driving ability, and also in your ability to handle any road conditions.  They trust you will get them to the destination successfully so they are happy to come along for the ride.


Luara summed up by noting how important it is for leaders to know the strengths of their team members to help them grow.



The group concluded with another quick stretch&flex before presenting Northern Lights College with a cheque for $35,000 to create a second scholarship for Peace Region students.



Lindsey and Loren from Northern Lights College were in attendance to accept the cheque.

Funds will benefit students who have graduated high school within the Peace Region and wish to study construction or the trades.  Recipients will be split equally between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students.



PRHP completes three of the four inlet and outlet portal towers to house the tunnels’ mechanical gates.

The Structures team comprised of Craft, Field Engineers, Superintendents and Managers, came together and worked tireless 12 hour day and night shifts, through the coldest months that the Peace Region could offer, to complete the structures. If working through the cold was not challenging enough, the Structures team had to navigate interfaces with other critical work in the tunnels adding another layer of difficulty. The Structures team worked through Christmas to ensure the completion of the milestone and pressed forward into the new year to achieve its milestone targets.


Co ngratulations to all for their great work!