PRHP in the Community

Peace River Hydro Partners (PRHP) takes great pride in contributing to the PRRD, and focuses employee volunteer time and funding in doing so. We receive a high number of donation requests each year and we try to work with as many as we can that fall under our donation eligibility and requirements.

Eligibility & Requirements: 

  • Must fall into one of the below three pillars
  • Must be located in the Peace River Regional District

Healthy Families

PRHP knows that communities and families thrive when they have access to exceptional nutrition, fitness, and recreational programs. We support programs and activities that promote healthy living, active lifestyles, and physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing for the entire family. Emphasis is put on results-oriented programs promoting healthy activities and empowering our community members and families to live healthier lives.

Children & Youth

Children and youth are the future of our communities and to be successful and independent adults they need a good start in life. We focus our funding on programs that enhance the quality of life for vulnerable children and youth in our community. To fully support children and youth, we must support the entire family structure, so our funding is also focused on organizations who support women and families, especially those in vulnerable situations.


Investing in education and training initiatives helps ensure a vibrant, dynamic future for our community and region. Not only do these investments enhance opportunities for people to improve their quality of life but they also provide our company with a potential source of trained and educated workers for our own workforce. By building capacity in the communities we are operating in we are building a brighter future.

Want to apply for sponsorship for your organization, event or sports team? Click here to fill out the funding application. If you are applying for sponsorship for an event please ensure you complete the application a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event date.

Please note: After February 1, 2017 PRHP will only accept applications for funding that are sent online. Apply now