RCC Trial Placement

Our RCC (roller compacted concrete) team has been working hard over the past few weeks on the RCC Trial Placements, which have been happening on the South Bank of the Site C Project in the RCC Dome.

The above photos show the RCC Trial team, as well as some photos from the trial placement that took place in mid-December.

There are two reasons for the trial placement.

Firstly, the trial is a demonstration of the means and methods that PRHP will utilize for the construction of the roller-compacted-concrete dam buttress for the generating station and spillways. During this part of the trial our team perfects our method of placing, compacting and curing the RCC in successive horizontal layers. The second and equally important aspect is the trial of the specified RCC mixture and CVC (conventional vibrated concrete) concretes. PRHP, under the direction of an RCC specialist, has developed a special RCC mix, which we are quality testing and demonstrating during these trials.

The RCC and CVC mixtures are created with the help of our Batch Plant, which is located right beside the RCC Dome on the South Bank of the project. The batch plant takes the aggregate, water, cement, fly-ash, and add-in mixtures through various feed systems to create the RCC or CVC (conventional vibrated concrete).

Now, our RCC Trial team is working hard to test the different combinations and find the best RCC mixture for this important component of the main civil works contract.